EGOS pre-conference on CCO & methods : Impression and videos

On July 3rd 2013, forty researchers (involving PhD students, young, and prominent scholars), coming from nine different countries (i.e. Canada, United States, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK) were reunited at the Université de Montréal to discuss and have ‘hands on activities’ on how to empirically study organization starting from communication.

The workshop was structured around two main activities: a paper development workshop and sessions of data analysis following different methodological approaches (i.e. conversation analysis and network analysis). We had the privileged to count with prominent scholars of the different CCO approaches (and CCO friendly) that participated as keynote speaker and/or facilitator, as well as invited scholars – we thank them all!

Many topics and questions were raised regarding the methodological, epistemological and ontological positioning one should/could adopt when taking a CCO approach to study organization. We also discussed how to engage with the ‘So what?’ question regarding practitioners as well as other disciplines that could be interested in such approach. To sum up, this first CCO pre-conference experience was a great success in opening a dialog on methodology that we hope will continue.

For those who could not participate in this workshop (and also for those who would like to recall this event) we have edited three videos: (1) François Cooren’s introductory talk entitled “What is a Communicative Constitution of Organization (CCO) research question?” (2) the discussion and questions that followed his talk, and (3) a vox-pop where some of the participants shared there thoughts on what does CCO mean for them.