Some impressions from the CCO-focused sub-theme at EGOS 2012 in Helsinki

The EGOS 2012 Colloqium in Helsinki featured one of the first CCO-focused mini-conferences on European soil. The sub-theme “Organizations as Phenomena of Language Use: Interconnecting Discourse and Communication“, convened by Joep Cornelissen, Tim Kuhn, and Dennis Schoeneborn, involved 22 exciting papers (selected out of 44 submissions). The presentations and vivid discussions shed light on various key dimensions of the organization-communication relations, such as legitimacy, identity, or the tension between emergence and purposeful design of organizational communication. Please find below two pictures from the sub-theme (powered by Hannah Trittin), incl. a couple of happy participants. And stay tuned for our related sub-theme at EGOS 2013 in MontrĂ©al (which will be jointly hosted by Francois Cooren, Tim Kuhn, and Dennis Schoeneborn)!

Organization as Communication in Organization Studies

Apparently, July is a good month to read up on the idea that communication constitutes organization. Organization Studies just published our two latest papers in the spirit of organization as communication:

Blaschke, S., Schoeneborn, D., and Seidl, D. (2012). Organizations as Networks of Communication Episodes: Turning the Network Perspective Inside Out. Organization Studies, 33(7), 879-906.

Schoeneborn, D., and Scherer, A. G. (2012). Clandestine Organizations, al Qaeda, and the Paradox of (In)Visibility: A Response to Stohl and Stohl. Organization Studies, 33(7), 963-971.