For those of you who are planning long ahead…

The APROS/EGOS conference 2015 in Sydney/Australia (December 9-11, 2015) will not only feature the CCO-focused sub-theme “Bringing space back in to the communicative constitution of organization and disorganization” (organized by Alex Wright, Francois Cooren, Katharina Hohmann, and Paul Spee; see our earlier news), but also a CCO-related symposium on “Spacing: How organizations and networks enable and constrain spaces for talk and action” (organized by Karl-Heinz Pogner & friends; see PDF Announcement in attachment)!

Accepting Submissions for EGOS Preconference “CCO in Practice” July 1-2, 2014 (i.e. right before EGOS 2014 in Rotterdam)

Imagine what could happen when practitioners share issues they face with a group of CCO-friendly scholars. What new angles of perceiving their issues would professionals get? Which new areas of research would scholars discover? How can our scholarship inform organizational practice? This preconference will try to achieve answers to these questions.

“CCO in Practice” provides an opportunity for CCO scholars- and CCO friendly scholars- to discuss and reflect on organizational communication challenges with practitioners. We plan to include a methodology workshop, focusing on video analysis on the first day. The second day of this preconference will be dedicated to bring together scholars and practitioners interested in a communication-centered perspective. Together, we can explore the translation between CCO theories and practical issues.

To prepare our discussion, we have asked a CCO-friendly practitioner, Peter Knoers, to provide us with three “cases” describing organizational challenges that the community currently struggles to understand (CCO in Practice CFP-2). Practitioners are asking for new ways to analyze and intervene to address these challenges. Please choose one of these scenarios to react to from a CCO perspective. What could a CCO lens say about this problem? What kinds of insights could be gained? To what extent could CCO thinking be applied to formulate potential “solutions?”

Please submit your reaction to one of the scenarios below in a short essay of 800 words by March 14th. Email your essay to David Novak at  We will respond to your submission by March 31st.

The specific location for the pre-conference, in Rotterdam, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Questions may be directed to coordinators Mark van Vuuren (University Twente,, Amanda Porter (VU-Amsterdam, or David R. Novak (Erasmus University Rotterdam,