Organization as Communication: An Animated Video

Our friends and colleagues from the University of Colorado at Boulder have published a wonderful introduction to the “Organization as Communication” perspective (powered by Matt Koschmann). Very helpful also for teaching purposes. Enjoy the video: Organization As Communication: An Animated Video (and special thanks to Consuelo for the link..!)

A Look at the Three Pillars of CCO

History in the making: The second day of our meeting in Hamburg featured a unique combination of scholars, namely, Francois Cooren, Bob McPhee, and David Seidl. The three of them most certainly represent the three pillars of CCO thinking (i.e., the Montreal School, Structuration Theory à la Giddens, and Luhmann’s Social Systems Theory). The video of the panel discussion will be available shortly, but to you give a first glance, here’s our moderator, Dennis Schoeneborn, on the far left, and then from left to right: Francois, David, and Bob.

Three days of OaC at Hamburg

Our idea that we must conceive organization as communication (OaC) has come a long way. We’ve had meetings in Hamburg, Zurich, and Berlin. Now, we’re returning to Hamburg–with a bang!

Today’s first day of our three-day meeting will kick off with Francois Cooren‘s keynote on Communication at the Center: Incarnation, Ventriloquism, and Constitution. Up next is Günther Ortmann on the Communicative and Excommunicative Power of Organizations.

As usual, we’ ll tape all presentations and put them up on our lecture2go site. More news to follow, stay tuned.