EGOS 2015 in Athens: CfP for new Standing Working Group “Organization as Communication”

At the EGOS 2015 Colloquium in Athens, Greece (July 1-4, 2015), the new EGOS Standing Working Group (SWG) “Organization as Communication” will start its activities by hosting a sub-theme entitled “Organization as Communication: The Performative Power of Talk” (convenors: François Cooren, Lars Thøger Christensen, and Dennis Schoeneborn). While this sub-theme places a special focus on talk, we also invite conceptual or empirical papers that, more generally, apply a communication-centered lens to study organizational phenomena (for more details, see the Call for Papers for the sub-theme on the EGOS website. We are very much looking forward to your submissions (short papers of max. 3,000 words) by January 12, 2015 (via! And for some general info regarding the new EGOS SWG “Organization as Communication”, see here.

The Communicative Constitution of Institutions

The idea of a communicative constitution of organization (CCO) is gaining more and more momentum. The next issue of the Academy of Management Review (Vol. 40, Issue 1) will feature a special topic forum on institutions and institutionalism, and the introduction by Cornelissen, Durand, Fiss, Lammers, and Vaara is Putting Communication Front and Center in Institutional Theory and Analysis. Be sure to check it out when it becomes available.

The CCO perspective and institutional theory may indeed find common ground at the level of communication events and episodes. Our upcoming edited volume on Organization as Communication in Routledge’s Communication Series will address Opportunities of Communicational Convergence (Sandhu, 2015) of the two.

Meanwhile, Higher Education published our latest article Towards a Micro Foundation of Leadership, Governance, and Management in Universities (Blaschke, Frost, and Hattke, 2014), which develops the below model of micro patterns and macro modes. (Email me if you don’t have access to the article, I’ll be happy to send you the PDF.) Again, another take on the communicative constitution of institutions.

Macro Modes and Micro Patterns

Macro Modes and Micro Patterns (Blaschke, Frost, & Hattke, 2014, p. 714)