New CCO article by Tim Kuhn in Management Communication Quarterly

Last year at the 3rd OaC network meeting in Berlin, Tim Kuhn (U of Colorado at Boulder) presented an exciting paper which addressed the important question: “What if organization studies took communication seriously?” Meanwhile, a further developed version of his paper got published in the “Thought Leadership Series” at Management Communication Quarterly – see here! I can highly recommend the paper to everybody interested in the intersection of organization and communication studies. In particular, Tim shows how the CCO perspective can fruitfully add to existing theories in organization studies (e.g., the knowledge-based theory of the firm, stakeholder theory, or decisional theories) by dissolving the micro-macro-divide. At the same time, he spans the boundary across various strands of CCO thinking (incl. the work of the Montreal School, McPhee and colleagues, as well as the followers of Luhmann, a.k.a. “The Luhmaniacs”), thus facilitating a further integration of the CCO view.

Communicative Constructionism: new book

Organizations as communicative constructions combines various streams of research, e.g. the Montreal school, the structurationist perspective and the Luhmannian interpretation. They share a common interest in the communicative construction of organizations. A new book published ahead of time (yeah, it’s one of these rare events that the book was announced to be published in 2013 and is already available – I wish that would happen more often!) discusses the topic of communicative constructionism: a concept derived and developed upon Berger & Luckmann’s classical 1967 work on the Social Construction of Reality. If you look very carefully at the cover of the book you see the hidden reference.

The editors – Keller, Knoblauch & Reichertz – are well known social scientists. Their common biographical thread is the ambition to push the knowledge of science to a more communicative approach. The volume covers diverse topics from a basic introduction towards applied research and case studies. For organization as communication especially interesting is the piece by Ortmann (2013) on the phenomenology of decision making.

Unfortunately the volume is published only in German but it can add to the growing movement towards a communicative agenda in social sciences.

Book Info: Reiner KellerJo ReichertzHubert Knoblauch (Eds.) (2013): Kommunikativer Konstruktivismus: Theoretische und empirische Arbeiten zu einem neuen wissenssoziologischen Ansatz. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. ISBN: 978-3-531-19796-8 (Print) 978-3-531-19797-5 (Online)