Book Review of Taylor and Van Every’s When Organization Fails

A little love for your own work never hurt anybody. Or so I hope.

So head on over to the latest issue of Organization Studies (April 2015) and read my review of Taylor’s and Van Every’s When Organization Fails: Why Authority Matters. It’s behind a paywall, of course. If you don’t have access, let me know.

Here’s the gist of my review:

  • Peirce’s concept of thirdness is the basis of Taylor and Van Every’s interpretation of authority
  • Explaining the thirdness of organization extends to the works of Greimas
  • Simmel, finally, offers them thirdness in triadic relationships to see when organization fails
  • Next to the first third of theoretical elaboration, two extensive cases make for a good read on why authority matters

In summary, I can recommend the book for anyone interested in the communicative constitution of authority, not necessarily in organizational failure though.