A follow up on AIME: the publication of the English version of the Specbook

A year ago, a group of scholars (including some of the CCO community) met at the Écoles des Mines, in Paris, for a Diplomatic writing workshop. This workshop was intended to close the 2 years inquiry of the AIME project, led by Bruno Latour and his team (for more details on this workshop and its final conference, see previous posts on 21/07/2014 and 08/08/2014). One of the purposes of the workshop was the writing of a text, called a Specbook (i.e. a specification manual), that would be used to present the “Moderns” to Gaia and to the non-moderns. This Specbook was structured around 4 major “institutions” that the “Moderns”, represented by the participants of this workshop, proposed to re-institute in order to establish a ‘common ground’ for diplomatic negotiation. These ‘re-institutions’ are: ‘Our nature’, ‘Our Politics’, ‘Our Religion’, and ‘Our Economy’. The Specbook was presented and discussed by the “Chargés d’affaires” (B. Cassin, E. Viveiros de Castro, A. Mol, D. Chakrabarty, D. Danowski, P. Weibel, and S. Schaffer ) during the final conference of the AIME project.

The Specbook is now publicly available in English on the AIME platform.

For us interested in organization, I recommend reading primary ‘Our Politics’ and ‘Our Economy’. The first one proposes to ‘deflate’ politics by redefining it in terms of ‘“I can live with that…”; “we can live with that…”, which foregrounds a new ontology for how we negotiate the constitution of the ‘we’. The second one proposes to ‘slow down the economy’ by reconsidering the ‘price’ of attachement and care and by inscribing the possibility of disorder in organizational scripts.

The last activity related to the AIME project is scheduled for April 2016 and will consist of and exposition at the ZKM Karlsruhe entitled ‘Reset Modernity‘.

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