EGOS Preconference on “CCO In Practice”

cco4(1) On July 2nd a group of CCO friendly scholars and organizational practitioners met at the halls of the Rotterdam City Council for a reflective and stimulating discussion on “CCO in practice.” Following on many of the themes of last year’s EGOS preconference, this pre-EGOS gathering was organized around two main goals:

• Helping organizational practitioners understand and respond to problems they face in practice using a CCO perspective on organization.
• Helping CCO scholars put their theoretical concepts to the test in ways that provide sharper and more meaningful answers to the   “So What?” question.

photo(86)The day’s program allowed for in-depth discussions to explore answers to these questions. A series of break-out groups focused on three diverse organizational cases: the revitalization of a large network organization, the restructuring of a government organization hit by economic recession, and the use of death or decline of organization as a practical solution for organizational problems. The day convened with an insightful plenary session that further elaborated on the three cases and served as a basis for co-constitution of the meaning of “CCO in practice” amongst the diverse participants.

What did we learn about “CCO in practice?” We were pleasantly surprised with the ease we experienced in applying CCO perspectives to the variety of organizational problems we discussed. We learned that organizational practitioners both understand and are excited about the communicative constitution of organization. And despite the differences within the three pillars of CCO theory, there is a strong “CCO perspective” that cuts across these differences when applied in practice. Finally, in the realm of ongoing organizational practice, we learned that there is no “one way” to translate a CCO concept.

We hope this preconference is just a beginning for further discussions of “CCO in practice.” We invite you to comment on this post. For those who attended the event, what reflections on the day would you add? For everyone, what are your thoughts or reactions to “CCO in practice?”



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