Must See TV: Interview with Jim March on 50th Anniversary of the Behavioral Theory of the Firm

Must of us would consider Jim March the godfather of organization theory, or at least I would. His work has been influencing generations of scholars for more than half a century now, and he’s still very much alive and kickin’.

The AoM honors Jim’s work in a symposium next week down in Orlando. For those folks who can’t or won’t go down to Florida, do yourself a favor and take 37 minutes out of your busy schedule and watch this interview with Jim on the 50th anniversary of the behavioral theory of the firm.

Of course, Jim is very casual on most matters, but I’m still glad to hear his blessings that there is still major work to be done in at least three domains of organization theory. That is to say, if you’re working out answers to questions of

  • adaptation,
  • preferences, or
  • rules,

then there is a good chance you’ll have a job tomorrow.

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