Paper from EGOS 2012 CCO sub-theme honored with EGOS Best Paper Award

As you may recall, the European Group of Organizational Studies (EGOS) Colloquium 2012 in Helsinki (Finland) featured a CCO-related sub-theme on “Organizations as Phenomena of Language Use: Interconnecting Discourse and Communication“, hosted by Joep Cornelissen (VU Amsterdam), Tim Kuhn (U of Colorado at Boulder), and Dennis Schoeneborn (U of Zurich). Back then, we nominated the paper “Dirty oil, snake oil: Categorical illegitimacy of Alberta´s oil sands” by Lianne Lefsrud (U of Alberta), Heather Graves (U of Alberta), and Nelson Phillips (Imperial College London) for the EGOS Best Paper Award. The paper fruitfully combined institutional theory with an organizatuonal discourse/communication perspective and featured an exciting case study in the context of Canadian oil sands. As we were very glad to learn these days, the EGOS award committee has chosen the paper by Lianne and her colleagues as the best paper of the entire EGOS 2012 Colloquium! The award was handed over at this year’s EGOS Award Ceremony in Montréal (Canada). So all our best congratulations again from our side to Lianne, Heather, and Nelson! And at the 2014 award ceremony in Rotterdam (Netherlands), we of course hope to be able to defend our title with a CCO-based paper (i.e. from this year’s CCO sub-theme)! 🙂

PS: Please also check out Lianne’s TED talk about this research project:

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