How to study organization starting from communication? A CCO methods workshop for EGOS 2013

Great news for OaC scholars!!! A CCO methods workshop will be organized in Montreal for EGOS 2013 … actually the day before, that is July 3rd at the Université de Montréal. This workshop is a joint initiative of some of us, OaC blogers, and other colleagues from different countries that are interested in having some quality time to discuss about the methodological challenges in doing research from a CCO point of view and to offer some hands on activities of how to go about this kind of research. The one-day workshop is structured in two parts. The first part takes a closer look at problematization in research and asks: What is a CCO research question? In addition to a keynote on this question, we are considering extended abstracts of work-in-progress and first research ideas as subject of our workshop discussion. The second part then focuses on different types of analysis – specifically, interaction analysis, gesture analysis, and network analysis – grounded in distinct theoretical approaches. It features data sessions
facilitated by experts in the field. The workshop will also be an interesting moment to reunite the three CCO pillars (as you can see from the list of speakers and facilitators bellow).

Organizer: Consuelo Vásquez, Université du Québec à Montréal
Organizer/Speaker: Steffen Blaschke, University of Hamburg
Speaker: Jean Clarke, Leeds University
Speaker: François Cooren, Université de Montréal
Speaker: Sylvie Grosjean, University of Ottawa [requested]
Facilitator: Joep Cornelissen, VU University Amsterdam
Facilitator: Carole Groleau, Université de Montréal
Facilitator: Tim Kuhn, University of Colorado at Boulder
Facilitator: Bob McPhee, Arizona State University
Facilitator: Amanda Porter, VU University Amsterdam
Facilitator: Dennis Schoeneborn, University of Zurich

For those who are still doughting if they will assist to next EGOS colloquium, let me propose you this perfect schedule: start with the CCO method workshop, follow with the CCO subtheme on “Organizations as precarious accomplishments” (see previous post on this subtheme), and finish your staying with the Montreal Jazz Festival (that will be taking place at that time!).

Looking forward to see you in Montreal!

More information about the workshop: CCO Methods Workshop Pre-EGOS 2013

One Comment on “How to study organization starting from communication? A CCO methods workshop for EGOS 2013”

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