New ‘summer’ publications from the School of Montreal (TSM) … and more to come!

Summer, as some may know, is a very intense and lively season in Montreal. Along with the many festivals that lighten up the city, research in CCO has also been very prolific in this part of North America. François Cooren and Caroline Bergeron, one of his former master student (currently following a PhD program at the University of South Carolina) published an article in The Journal of Contigencies and Crisis Management proposing a ‘ventriloqual’ analysis of crisis management in emergency operation centers. In a different topic, but still deeply anchored in a CCO approach, Boris Brummans, Carole Groleau and I, Consuelo Vasquez, have published a methodological piece on organizational shadowing in Qualitative Research in Organization and Management. Drawing on our personal experiences in using this method to study organizing in distinct organizational setting, we reflect on our “notes from the field” to propose a methodological toolbox for understanding research practices. Interestingly both articles (and with no previous arrangement or concerted action) draw on the notion of frame as a communicative and collective accomplishment to develop a conceptual, in the first article, and a methodolgoical framework, in the second (for those who are interested in this CCO approach to the frame and framing, I must here recommend Brummans’ et al, 2008, excellent study on framing practices published in Communication Monograph).

Finally, for those who have been waiting since the 2008 ICA pre-conference held in Montreal for a material concretion of this great reunion, I have excellent news. The book that collects a selection of some of the papers and the four key notes presented at the pre-conference is now in press (publication expected for the end of 2012/beginning of 2013). Daniel Robichaud and François Cooren are the (happy) editors of Organization and Organizing: Materiality, Agency and Discourse. Bellow is an overview of the table of contents and contributors.



The Need for New Materials in the Constitution of Organization – Daniel Robichaud and François Cooren

PART I. Theoretical developments

Chapter 1 : Organizations as Obstacles to Organizing – Barbara Czarniawska

Chapter 2 : Dialectics, Contradictions, and the Question of Agency: A Tribute to James R. Taylor – Linda L. Putnam

Chapter 3 : “What’s the story?” Organizing as a mode of existence – Bruno Latour

Chapter 4 : Organization as Chaosmos – Haridimos Tsoukas

Chapter 5 : Organizations as Entitative Beings: Some Ontological Implications of Communicative Constitution – Anne M. Nicotera

Chapter 6 : What Is an Organization? Or: Is James Taylor a Buddhist? – Boris H.J.M. Brummans

Chapter 7 : Activity Coordination and the Montreal School – Robert McPhee and Joel O. Iverson

PART II. Empirical explorations

Chapter 8 : Spacing Organization, or How to Be Here and There at the Same Time – Consuelo Vásquez

Chapter 9 : Restructuring identity through sectorial narratives – Isabelle Piette

Chapter 10 : Organization by Debate: Exploring the Connections Between Rhetorical Argument and Organizing – Mathieu Chaput

Chapter 11 : Constituting the temporary organization: Documents in the context of projects – Viviane Sergi

Chapter 12 : Organizational communication at the crossroads – James R. Taylor

One Comment on “New ‘summer’ publications from the School of Montreal (TSM) … and more to come!”

  1. Steffen says:

    Great to catch up with your latest publications. And as for the forthcoming book: Me want!

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