Welcome to the Old New OaC Blog

Dennis Schoeneborn (U of Zurich), Gordon Müller-Seitz (Free U Berlin) and I, Steffen Blaschke (U of Hamburg), started this blog to post about the work being done in a young scholars network on organization as communication, funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft). The grant has served us well in four amazing workshops at Hamburg, Zurich, Berlin, and again Hamburg. We’ve had numerous distinguished scholars with us to discuss the communicative constitution of organization and everything that goes along with it. Check out our recount of workshops with Joep Cornelissen (Free U Amsterdam), Tim Kuhn (U of Colorado at Boulder), Francois Cooren (U of Montreal), and Bob McPhee (Arizona State U).

Now, we are absolutely delighted to announce that our network is going international! Matt Koschmann (U of Colorado at Boulder), Amanda Porter (Free U Amsterdam), Consuelo Vasquez (U of Quebec at Montreal), and Alex Wright (Open University) are joining us in our endeavor to promote the communicative constitution of organization. Welcome y’all!

Exciting times are ahead. Lotsa posts to follow, meet us in person at next year’s annual conferences of the ICA in London and EGOS in Montreal. Stay tuned!

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