Organization as Communication, Decision Making, and Uncertainty

The idea that communication constitutes organization continues to spread with recent top-tier publications in Organization Studies and  the Academy of Management Review. The latest publication takes a closer look at organizational communication and decision making under risk and uncertainty. It’s published in German in the Zeitschrift Führung + Organisation. Here’s the abstract:

Organization science takes a perspective on corporate decision making under risk and uncertainty that views employees as bounded rational in their cognitive capacity to obtain and process information. Newer approaches, on the contrary, view organization as communication, thus redefining risk and uncertainty primarily as a communicative problem. Form and function of communication serve as a critical part in the reduction of risk and uncertainty. On the one hand, organizations may employ written texts to govern decision making. On the other hand, they may achieve similar results by using different functions of communication (e.g., statements, assertions, declarations.)

The article is available through the usual database services. If you’re interested in a PDF copy, drop me an email, tweet @blaschke, or leave a comment.

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