Organization as Communication in Organization Studies

Apparently, July is a good month to read up on the idea that communication constitutes organization. Organization Studies just published our two latest papers in the spirit of organization as communication:

Blaschke, S., Schoeneborn, D., and Seidl, D. (2012). Organizations as Networks of Communication Episodes: Turning the Network Perspective Inside Out. Organization Studies, 33(7), 879-906.

Schoeneborn, D., and Scherer, A. G. (2012). Clandestine Organizations, al Qaeda, and the Paradox of (In)Visibility: A Response to Stohl and Stohl. Organization Studies, 33(7), 963-971.

4 Comments on “Organization as Communication in Organization Studies”

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  2. […] Gefährlich on October 11, 2012, at 8 p.m. You’re gonna get a ten-minute introduction to why organizations are nothing but communication (episodes) spiked with super-cute baby pictures of a family (which, of course, is an organization, too) in […]

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  4. […] displayed as a network of communication episodes, much like the one you already saw in our respective paper recently published in Organization Studies. There 439 communication episodes, each one represented […]

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