The Three Pillars of CCO Remain a Mystery

I’m a scientist with heart and soul, not all good natured as my coauthors can attest, but certainly trusting others to bring to the table what I lack in ambition, knowledge, and perseverance. That being said, I’m thoroughly disappointed when others I work with don’t do their job.

I regret to have to inform you that we lost the video recordings of our Three Pillars of CCO meeting from back in March. It’s not a failure of hardware or software, which would be something we could actually do something about. No, no, the media team here at the University of Hamburg responsible for the post-production of the recordings lost the external hard drive — as in physically lost it. Or so I’m told. No finger pointing.

The loss of the video recordings is more than unfortunate. It’s like losing an arm and a leg in the scientific face off we encountered in our meeting of the Three Pillars of CCO. I guess they remain a mystery for now. At least until we find the time to put our thoughts in writing.

One Comment on “The Three Pillars of CCO Remain a Mystery”

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