Some impressions from the Organizational Communication Conference in Leipzig/Germany

From November 4-6, 2010, the University of Leipzig hosted the annual conference of the “Publication Relations and Organizational Communication Division” of the German Communication Association (DGPuK). Although the division traditionally mostly centers on PR research, this year’s conference theme transcended traditional boundaries by focusing on the interplay of organizational communication and communication management. This marks a profound turn in German-speaking organizational communication research which  traditionally rather links back to mass communication research and tends to neglect the links to the speech communication tradition (that is prevalent in most of the work in the ICA’s organizational communication division and the CCO perpective in particular).

The conference featured some inspiring keynotes by Lars Thøger Christensen (University of Southern Denmark) and Anna Maria Theis-Berglmair (University of Bamberg) as well as several contributions by OaC network members (i.e. Stefan Wehmeiner, Howard Nothhaft, Swaran Sandhu, Dennis Schoeneborn, or our honorary member Alfred Kieser).

Here you will find the conference program (incl. most of the presentations slideshows; see menu on the right hand side).

Swaran Sandhu & Dennis Schoeneborn

Dr. Derina Holtzhausen

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